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JP-S576814-A: Barrel of zoom lens patent, JP-S5770281-A: Zinc phosphate treatment of zinc hot dipping steel plate patent, JP-S577068-A: Plug socket with earth patent, JP-S5770821-A: Antitumor substance patent, JP-S5770913-A: Air intake equipment for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S5772030-A: Dipping type measuring probe used for molten metal patent, JP-S5772705-A: Rolling mill for metallic sheet patent, JP-S5773243-A: Hydraulic actuator for inner shoe drum brake patent, JP-S577353-A: Shaking-off device for foundry patent, JP-S5773678-A: Detector for momentary power failure patent, JP-S5774190-A: Printing machine patent, JP-S5774227-A: Doze warning device during drive of automobile patent, JP-S5774669-A: Current and phase detecing tester patent, JP-S5775140-A: Adsorbent for uranium in sea water patent, JP-S5776453-A: Tapper fordetecting tap flaw by ae patent, JP-S57765-A: Shared memory device patent, JP-S5777845-A: Air conditioner patent, JP-S5778035-A: Multi-taking process camera patent, JP-S5778417-A: Epoxy resin composition patent, JP-S5779069-A: Method of mounting brazing sleeve patent, JP-S5780570-A: Measuring device for surface potential patent, JP-S5780732-A: Manual probe patent, JP-S578278-A: Abrasive material patent, JP-S5783499-A: Method of fitting binding section in file patent, JP-S5783668-A: Water quantity control mechanism of hydraulic machine patent, JP-S5783692-A: Vertical motor pump patent, JP-S5785210-A: Multi-series capacitance transformer winding patent, JP-S5785257-A: Manufacture of p type or n type conductive organic pigment patent, JP-S5785423-A: Setting work of hollow concrete pile patent, JP-S5785507-A: Control device for electric motor driven vehicles patent, JP-S5788293-A: Internal pump patent, JP-S5788777-A: Organic solar cell patent, JP-S5789559-A: Grinding surface plate patent, JP-S578979-A: Integrated circuit patent, JP-S5791405-A: Hybrid navigation system patent, JP-S5791715-A: Washing method for polyester filter patent, JP-S579177-A: Television camera patent, JP-S5791849-A: Casting mold for horizontal and continuous casting of deformed cross section patent, JP-S5792687-A: Control for heat exchanger patent, JP-S5793460-A: Memory access control system patent, JP-S5793515-A: Manufacture of molded coil patent, JP-S5795008-A: Lead wire for electronic part and method of connecting lead wire to electronic part patent, JP-S5795063-A: Thermally insulated container patent, JP-S5795386-A: Treatment of raised sheet patent, JP-S5796337-A: Coupler for forming magenta dye image patent, JP-S5796498-A: Discharge lamp dimmer patent, JP-S5796617-A: Rice cooking method of electric rice cooker patent, JP-S5796917-A: Packer for roll paper patent, JP-S5797729-A: Fm receiver patent, JP-S5798305-A: Method of treating woody material patent, JP-S5798327-A: Polyester hollow vessel having matted pearl-like luster patent, JP-S5798430-A: Automatic conveying apparatus for molded bodies patent, JP-S5798563-A: Red azo pigment, manufacture and high polymer organic material containing same patent, JP-S5799354-A: Ellipse profiling device patent, JP-S58100210-A: Magnetic head patent, JP-S58101485-A: Driving method for q switch laser patent, JP-S58101840-A: Indicator of change in travelling speed of automobile patent, JP-S58101978-A: Assembling mechanism of foldable door patent, JP-S58102095-A: Electromagnetic agitator for reverberatory furnace patent, JP-S5810211-A: Position controller patent, JP-S58102209-A: Bellows device for observing device patent, JP-S58102357-A: Controller for tape running speed patent, JP-S58103884-A: Controller for motor patent, JP-S58104768-A: Printing mechanism of printer patent, JP-S58105455-A: Record player patent, JP-S58105532-A: Reactor patent, JP-S58105714-A: Beddings and beds patent, JP-S58105844-A: Warning device for vehicle patent, JP-S58107038-A: Coil bobbin patent, JP-S58107191-A: Preparation of l-1,4-cyclohexadiene-1-alanine patent, JP-S58107589-A: Screen clearing system for display unit patent, JP-S58107759-A: Store and forward exchange system patent, JP-S58107937-A: Channel controlling system patent, JP-S58109663-A: Slider needle for knitting machine patent, JP-S58111986-A: Electronic appliance with solar battery patent, JP-S5811215-A: Grout injection work patent, JP-S5811324-A: Oven for cooking patent, JP-S58113788-A: Reactor container facility patent, JP-S58114170-A: Character reader patent, JP-S58114208-A: Radiowave transmitter-receiver for selective reflection region patent, JP-S58114515-A: Limiter circuit patent, JP-S58114537-A: Optical space communication system patent, JP-S58115129-A: Machine for making hard twist yarns patent, JP-S5811532-A: Rubber composition patent, JP-S58116305-A: Method and apparatus for attaching upper crasp of fastener chain patent, JP-S58116646-A: Preparation of bread crumb patent, JP-S58117612-A: Power opening and closing device patent, JP-S58118052-A: Back tension controller patent, JP-S58118290-A: Heat-sensitive recording material patent, JP-S58118364-A: Intermittent rotation equipment patent, JP-S58118960-A: Ultrasonic microscope patent, JP-S58119079-A: Correlation detector patent, JP-S58120085-A: Heat accumulator patent, JP-S58121355-A: Duplex collar thrust pad for gear row with parallel shaft patent, JP-S58122193-A: Method for thick horizontal electroslag cladding by welding patent, JP-S5812223-A: Switch circuit patent, JP-S58123040-A: Ceiling type air conditioner patent, JP-S58123615-A: Bushing patent, JP-S58124613-A: Burr remover patent, JP-S58124627-A: Method and apparatus for preparing laminated tube patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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